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The Steve Hill Trio
******This bears repeating....ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS call the venue ahead of time to verify that we are going to be playing there.  Things can change overnight, so save yourself an unneeded trip!!!******

Hill/Johnson Duo-Rahr Brewery, Ft. Worth-Saturday, May 27th!!!

Cadillac and I will be returning to the Rahr & Sons Brewing Company, 701 Galveston Ave., (817) 810-9266, from 12 until 2 PM, on Saturday, May 27th.  Rahr has great beer, a fun vibe, and friendly staff, and we will be playing a mix of vintage rock, blues, R&B, and country music.  We always have fun at Rahr and think you will too.  Drop by and check it out!!

Steve Hill Trio-Friday, June 2nd-Southlake Central Market!!!

It's our first date of the season out at the Central Market in Southlake.  1425 E. Southlake Blvd. is the address, and (817) 310-5600 their phone number.  We start at 6PM and play until 9.  This is a "weather Permitting" date, so be sure to call and check if it looks "iffy" outside.  

Don't forget.......I have some new original tunes at under "Steve Hill Trio."  Check 'em out!

If you haven't already done so, Don't forget to check out "Talkin' that Mumbo Jumbo," my original song, in the music video produced by short film producer/photographer, George Wada and shown on Channel 13, station KERA Public Television's program "Frame of Mind." It's on Youtube at this link; Or just enter Steve hill Talkin' that Mumbo Jumbo.

about Me:

Steve Hill (aka Steve Territo) has been playing music since he was eight years old. In 1965 he switched from playing the accordion (like many an Italian kid did in those days) to guitar and harmonica. in the early 1970's he came to the realization that the only style of music he was interested in performing in a band setting was blues, soul, and blues influenced rock and roll. Moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas from his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, in 1974, Hill (now also singing), formed and played in a variety of bands. From 1982 until 1988 he headed The J.B. Strut Band which played around a seven state area as well as throughout Texas and released an album of several blues covers and seven original songs, four written by Hill and three by Hill in combination with other band members. "J.B. Strut," as the band was known locally, also opened shows for Johnny Winter, Omar and the Howlers, the Tailgators, Little Joe Blue, Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows, and others. After disbanding the group late in 1988 due to personnel changes and that old band nemesis, "artistic differences," Hill took a seven year sabbatical from playing live, preferring instead to concentrate on songwriting. By 1995, he once again started playing locally, first in a five piece band, then in The Steve Hill Trio. Today, Hill has been fortunate enough to be able to continue playing the music he wants to play with some of the best blues/rock players in the DFW area including Cadillac Johnson, Aram Doroff, Bobby Counts, Wayne Six, Dirk Cordes, Linda Waring, Michael J. Dohoney, Jas Stephens, Steve Springer, Ron Korner, Randy DeHart and others. has 30 of my original songs that you can listen to.  Search under, "Steve Hill Trio."  They are available as downloads at 

ALSO......CD Baby, and Soundcloud all have some of my original tunes as well.  Just search under "The Steve Hill Trio."

REMEMBER......It pays to call the venue of any shows advertised here ahead of time to confirm.  Life comes at you fast indeed, and things change....ESPECIALLY when it come to the local music scene. 

Go to under "The Steve Hill Trio" to hear more of my original music, as well as to view several videos that I had an opportunity to be associated with and which were produced by short film producer/photographer George Wada.

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