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Steve Hill (aka Steve Territo) began playing harmonica and guitar in 1965 after 5 years of music lessons on the accordion starting at the age of 8.  By the early 70s, he decided that blues, and blues and soul influenced rock was the only kind of music he was interested in performing.  He relocated to the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area from his hometown of Chicago, Illinois in 1974 and began playing, and now singing, in a series of bands.  One of these bands, "J.B.Strut," became a local favorite from the early to the late 1980s, opening for such acts as Johnny Winter, Omar and the Howlers, the Tailgators, Little Joe Blue and others.

Becoming tired of member changes and creative differences within the band, Hill disbanded the group in 1988, and took a seven year sabbatical from playing live dates altogether, preferring instead to concentrate on songwriting.  In 1995, he began appearing at local clubs once again, first in a five piece band, then in "The Steve Hill Trio."  An indie CD, "What Ever Happened to (Playing for the Love of Music??!!)," released in 2004, (now out of print), and containing 15 of his original tunes, received airplay on radio station KNON in Dallas/Ft. Worth, as well as in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Italy, Canada, Australia, Argentina, and on various internet stations in the U.S. A  6 original song EP, entitled "Working Twice as Hard," was released at the end of 2012 and can be purchased at CD Baby (  You can hear these tunes by going to the ReverbNation link under "Links" on this website and typing in "The Steve Hill Trio."

Hill released a new, 12 original song, full length CD, "Talkin' that Mumbo Jumbo," in March of 2016. Also available at, you can hear a selection of some of the songs from the CD  by clicking on"Music and Podcasts" above.  A video of the title song, "Talkin' that Mumbo Jumbo," produced by short film maker/photographer George Wada, can be seen on this website and also at under "The Steve Hill Trio." Reverbnation also has several other Wada/Hill produced videos.

Today, Hill is fortunate enough to be able to continue playing the music he loves with some of D/FW's best players including  Cadillac Johnson,  Bobby Counts, Aram Doroff, Dirk Cordes, Michael J. Dohoney, Linda Waring and others.


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